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Metro Medical is a company like no other as it represents its own concept. The dental and the surgical instruments we produce are a critical extension of each practitioner skill.

We are committed to providing a product line that guarantees quality and extraordinary value to the end user as well as a level of service, satisfaction, and cooperation that has become a hallmark of Metro Medical.

As we believe in enduring and consistent quality, we cannot afford to compromise in the quality we produce.

We are engaged in the supply of high quality Surgical and Dental Instruments and Surgery Consumables to premiere quality conscious customers all over the world.
Supported by a large inventory base, we are able to deliver in minimum time, enabling our regular customers to minimize their stock requirements.

We offer complete solutions for Medical Equipment needs of our customers at the affordable price.

Our aim is timely supply the best quality product to our customers at the right price ensuring their satisfaction.


Our mission is to fulfill the needs of our customers by providing them the Quality products at lesser price by conduct our business activities in such a way that our customers, employees, stakeholders and society should be uniformly benefited.


Our vision is to bring Metro Medical as leading products provider in highly professional way by providing our consumers high quality instruments by playing an active and important role in market.


Quality consciousness is one of our major concerns as we always keep the quality of our products in our mind as per the requirement of the customer and in doing so we try to deliver the most competitive products.

Metro Medical achieves superior client focus by being well aware of all customer requirements and provides them consistently high quality products.

We take our commitments with our valued customers very seriously by maintaining our promises regarding the Raw-Material, Product Quality, Lead Time, and Price as the focal point.

Our aim is the continuous improvement in the quality of our products, and we are also engaged in R&D to enhance excellent quality products.


Our strategy is based on the concepts of Consistency, Continuous Improvement and Superior Product Quality.

As we have faith in consistency, we can never compromise in the quality of our products through which we make healthy relationship with our valued customers. Our clients can be very confident that the product quality will not significantly change between one order and the next.

At Metro Medical, by our skilled and well experienced labor we produce high quality instruments and we also sincerely work with our clients to be better aware of their needs.

Metro Medical believes in superior product quality, and assures its clients that regarding its commitment to provide the highest quality good to its customers for their benefits.


We manufacture our instruments with enormous care keeping in mind the value of human life.

Metro Medical is pleased to offers its customers a guarantee regarding the workmanship and materials of all its products. Unsatisfactory products will be replaced or repaired free of charge as per the discretion of Metro Medical.

We provide a warranty card along our instruments.

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