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Mudd is a measuring container used in the times of Nabi SAW.

Just as we have litres, gallons and other containers to measure volume, the Mudd, were used in the era of the Leader of Both Worlds. The Messenger of Allah Subhanahu Watala has supplicated in favour of the Mudd


“O Allah, bless us in our fruits, bless us in our city, bless us in our sa and bless us in our mudd”.


Since the Messenger of Allah Subhanhu Watala used to perform wudhu (ablution) with a mudd full of water, we should also try and make a habit of performing ablution with the same amount of water.

Pantographed on the mudd is a sanad (Chain mentioning names of those to whom it has been passed through generations, verifying its authenticity) that includes the blessed name of the Messenger of Allah Subhanahu Watalla, his Noble Companion Sahabah Radiallahanhu, a follower (Tabii) and names of the pious Radiallahanhu – therefore, be wary of violating its sanctity or taking it to the bathroom.

We will be rewarded for practicing this sunnah, and will come to regret all the wastage that we have constantly done till today from the great blessing of Allah, that is water, ultimately enabling us to repent.

Those to whom the mudd has not yet reached should undertake to perform ablution with 775ml of water in order to fulfill the sunnah of utilising the sunnah amount of water in ablution.

May Allah reward you!

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